Episode 14: Cover Songs

Elliott, Taylor and Bill play and discuss their favorite cover songs. And then play some tracks that got left off of Episode 13, best of the year.

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One thought on “Episode 14: Cover Songs

  1. Listening to the cover show now.

    Here is my number 1 cover of all time; Under My Thumb by Streetheart. Streetheart rips the sh!t out of it. It is too good so much so the Boners had the record pulled from store shelves. The record company continued to use the original print of the album cover that lists Undr My Thumb. However the record inside was a new pressing and did not have Under My Thumb on it!! To get the original record that included Under My Thumb you had to find a shop that still had the original press. Only way to known was to buy and open in!!
    Best cover ever.


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